The crooks used a game on Steam for sale fake things Dota 2

The crooks used a game on Steam for sale fake things Dota 2

Not the most visually pleasing Climber has recently disappeared from the Steam library after a few players of Dota 2 announced that they have been cheated by other players Climber with the help of fake copies things.

Fraud consisted of one single item called Dragonclaw Hook from Dota 2. The real hook is the incredibly rare weapons, which can use one of the characters MOBA from Valve. Hook for a short time was available in 2013, but long gone and now it can only buy on the Steam market, where price comes to $ 800.

However, in the case of this hook Dragonclaw Hook players found that is a cleverly made fake. According to the screenshots posted by Reddit user angelof1991, fake hook uses the same image and description as real. Another gamer with nick mage203 noted that the Clumber even uses the same logo that Dota 2 on Steam market.

KIRILL_KILLER34 Developer and publisher of games The Team has published A Steam another game called Space Vomit, it also looks disgusting as a Climber. According to reviewers on Steam is garbage for 1 dollar offers thousands of Steam achievements.

as a Climber, everything connected with the game. already disappeared from Steam, however Space Vomit is still available, but it is not on the market. It is not clear whether the scammers just moved to a new location after their discovery, whether the Valve has intervened.

Meanwhile Steam has removed the game from the fake stuff Team Fortress 2 and another for mining cryptocurrency. And all this after a few weeks after the announcement by Valve that the company will no longer be in charge of Steam, with the exception of illegal titles and “trolling”.

good times are coming to Steam.


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