Dota 2 has updated the interface of the in-game guide editor

Dota 2 has updated the interface of the in-game guide editor

On the night of January 1, a patch for Dota 2 was released, with which the Snapfire model was slightly changed in the game. The developers also fixed the interface of the in-game guide editor and added missing capabilities to it. The update size is 83.8 .

After the end of the early game, a large selection of items that you can buy appears in front of all the players. Basically, assembly among beginners is carried out according to the guides, but at the same time you should plan items for 20 or even 30 minutes ahead. And we are talking not only about the final build specified in the guide, but also about its achievement, that is, planning even individual components. For example, if you are going to buy Aether Lens, you should start with Energy Booster to assemble Arcane Boots and provide both yourself and the team with additional mana, which will be useful both in pressure and in the farm, and then just take apart the boot and assemble with Energy Booster a new subject.

Often in the guides for Dota to newcomers, we say that many players, especially at the core positions, regularly overestimate their strengths, believing that they can cope with a large number of opponents on their own or at least with minimal support from allies. In fact, such situations are single, and often five heroes, even with significantly less gold, can easily cope with one enemy hero simply due to their abilities.


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