Peak online in Dota 2 fell to the level of 2013

Peak online in Dota 2 fell to the level of 2013

On December 9, the peak online in Dota 2 was 516 thousand users – this is the worst result in the last six years. Data provided by the Steam Database portal.

As for the gameplay itself, we have before us the good old “bunker”, changed only visually. There is no pixel left from the medieval graphics of WarCraft 3 – the characters look much more colorful than in the first part, nice textures are pleasing to the eye, each character has its own set of animations, all the effects are drawn in detail and spectacularly. Often, during especially mass battles, the picture is full of an abundance of colors, for which you lose the essence of what is happening. But in general, the graphics look fresh and are not satisfactory.

The same goes for voice acting. All characters, when performing actions in a unique voice, give out one of the prepared phrases. Corresponding to the spirit of the game, the catchy soundtrack that Valve recorded with the help of an entire orchestra. The developers also included an interesting feature in the game: the match taking place in silence at the climax of battle moments is “fueled” by disturbing music.


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