Insider: Dendi will assemble the composition with LeBron and V-Tune

Insider: Dendi will assemble the composition with LeBron and V-Tune

Danil Dendi Ishutin, Alik V-Tune Sparrow and Nikola LeBronDota Popovich will be part of the new Dota 2 roster. It is noteworthy that the team will play in the European region. About this in his twitter account said an insider “Bukhaya Analitika”.

At the beginning of the match, while the heroes have not yet gained full pockets of useful things in battle, it’s dangerous to attack, so you and the enemy circling each other like hungry sharks: look for a breach in the defense and try to catch each other on a mistake. Suddenly, the enemy will show carelessness, do not use the ability in time, mistakenly see you as easy prey and get too carried away by the chase, or simply do not notice that your friend is already waiting in the forest from a neighboring path. Finally, after waiting for the right moment, you and your partner catch the opponent and eat with all offspring. And again and again.

After some time, the primary pumping stage ends, the teams get together and begin to act as a whole, and small skirmishes at different ends of the map give way to large-scale battles of 5 by 5, where all available abilities are used. From special effects ripples in the eyes, so out of habit it’s hard to even understand who did what. But after spending a dozen or two fights, you will begin to gradually understand this infernal ball of magic and special moves. Stop wasting your energy and start using your abilities when you need to. After that, you will kill, kill and kill, and the enemy will be powerless in front of you. Most accurately, what you experience at such moments is described by a replica of the main character of the film “Dependence” by Abel Ferrara: “This is the violence of my will over yours.” And it is monstrously ravishing.


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