Valve: Sorry, there will be no Diretide event this year

Valve: Sorry, there will be no Diretide event this year

Valve said that this year the Diretide event will not appear in Dota 2. According to one of the employees, the company is currently working on matchmaking, improving the game for new users, as well as the Outlanders patch. Information about this appeared .

The game has not only a text guide, but also training, where you will be shown and told about the basics of the game and its mechanics, about the optimal builds for the characters. They will explain who the creeps are, how to use abilities and much more. The whole essence of the game is the destruction of the main enemy knowledge (Throne). It seems to sound simple, but in reality – everything is much more complicated. You have to kill a lot of creeps, collect the best items, destroy tavers, barracks, die, reborn, control the game. And only then strike a fatal blow.

I went to play with bots, I didn’t even know how to play on the network, and even before it was very difficult. At first I didn’t even put the bots and just ran alone on all the tracks poking wherever I got. Then I still found how to put bots and as I remember now I took the Kozu (Enchantress) without any idea what to do, I just beat the creeps and was surprised at the new magic. In the first bunker, the bots were either very weak or very hard. They swung many times faster, bought expensive things and just could take you out of the gate, of course at first.


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