Dota 2 outperformed Fortnite on PC profits for September

Dota 2 outperformed Fortnite on PC profits for September

Dota 2 brought more profit to developers than the PC version of Fortnite in September. For the Battle Royale of Epic Games, this month was the worst month since the game was released in 2017. This was reported by the analytical agency SuperData.

If this is your first time hearing about the leading killer of fate in the modern gaming market, welcome to our preview. We will try to avoid conversations that Dota is, as it turned out, the confrontation between two teams consisting of different heroes, and focus on the fact that the development team managed to bring a new one to the battle mechanics and the Dota community. Valve, led by a lover of the third Half-Life, Gabe Newell, has decided on the business model of the planet’s main MOBA game.

DOTA 2 is delivered to anyone absolutely free, with only one small nuance: the office decided to dose the load on the servers, and gives copies of the project in turn. In practice, the expectation of the cherished game tends to zero, so worry about this bill is not worth it. What then is IceFrog going to buy bread in the store? There is no need to worry about this, the mere status of one of the main e-sports disciplines in the world will provide the chief designer not just with bread, but with bread and butter – the championship prize pool often surpasses the million dollar bar.


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