Reddit pranked with a new build in Dota 2 – players believed and tested the assembly in matchmaking

Reddit pranked with a new build in Dota 2 – players believed and tested the assembly in matchmaking

On November 6, a joke with an unusual assembly on Ogre Magi in Dota 2 became popular on reddit, which allowed to increase the attack range of the towers. Some players decided not to check this “trick” and immediately used it in the rating matchmaking.

What was the joke?

8213_collections started a test mode and bought six Dragon Lance Ogre Magi. He recorded a video that began when the tower was already hitting a target that was a great distance from it. Then the author of the video placed the mouse on the Bloodlust ability, during which the speed of movement and attack of the target increases.

Dragon Lance gives attributes to all characters, but increases the attack range only to ranged heroes. However, the effects of several Dragon Lance do not add up. The item also affects the range of active attack modifiers, but Bloodlust is not included in this list.

Why in the video did the tower attack the target at such a great distance?

Sreeni52 was able to reveal the secret of the video. He drew attention to the presence of Pudge in the video and suggested that the author set a goal (burro) near the tower, and then with the help of Meat Hook he moved it to the fountain. The game believed that the donkey was still in its original place, so the tower continued to attack him. Ogre Magi was added only to confuse everyone.

And did someone really believe that?

In the evening on the same day, a post from Lalaluka appeared on reddit with the caption: “My fifth position Ogre Magi was baited.” He published the assembly of his support with two Dragon Lance, as well as the correspondence with the teammate.

Rubick: Ogre?

Ogre Magi: Yes?

Rubick: This assembly does not work, it was a meme. Please read the comments on reddit.

Ogre Magi: feelsbadman.

In the comments, Lalaluka said that it was a rating game in which his team was still able to win, despite the assembly of Ogre Magi.


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