Marple about Papic in real life: He is very friendly

Marple about Papic in real life: He is very friendly

Maria Marple Ermolina told how the negotiations were held about the interview with Vitaly Arthas Tsal. In a podcast with streamer Diana DianaRice Shock, she also shared her opinion about Papic outside the broadcasts. Ermolina believes that in real life he is a very friendly and pleasant person.

Maria Marple Ermolina:

“[The hardest thing was to arrange an interview] with Papich. Six months, Zhenya [Marple’s husband] made an agreement with him. In the same way, he [Papich] said: “Go through the forest.” Then he looked, he returned and wrote: “I watched your channel. In principle, decent content. <…> Let’s discuss it.”

He’s so friendly [friendly]. He wants to be useful, does not want to upset you. A nice person, friendly, very friendly – a good guy. ”

Ermolina published an interview with Tsal on YouTube in November 2018. In it, the streamer talked about the bath on Twitch, idols and Dota 2. The next day, the resource deleted the video because it “violated the principles of the community” of the platform. Later published a new version of the interview. The advertising of the bookmaker “Parimatch” was removed from the video, a warning about profanity was added, and phrases with a negative mention of sexual minorities were cut out.

Interview with Papic became the most popular video on the Marple channel. At the time of publication of the news, more than 1.2 million people watched it. In second place is a video with a streamer Stray 228 – it collected 877 thousand views.


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