Valve finally will replace the terrible statue Dota 2

Valve finally will replace the terrible statue Dota 2

In 2017, Valve has added to the Combat Pass Dota 2-award for reaching 2000 levels — physical statuette of Baby Roshan. In may last year, the owners of the achievement began to receive prizes, but the figures were so awful that Valve had to apologize and announce that they will replace them with the new version.

a Few days ago, the company sent to the holders of the achievements of a letter in which he said that better figures will finally be delivered to their masters for the next three months.

We are pleased to announce that the new version of the statuette of the Baby Roshan have been completed and distribution has begun. Baby Roshan now looks larger, heavier and it looks more detailed.

in Addition to the message, each letter was also a few images were compared statuette that players got, and the one that comes in as a replacement.

the Valve will also provide to all holders of the awards, the special cosmetic in-game item for Baby Roshan, as an apology for the delay.


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