Dota 2 adds Treasure of the Timeless Rite

Dota 2 adds Treasure of the Timeless Rite

On the night of November 7, the Treasure of the Timeless Rite treasure was added to the Dota 2 game client. It contains old kits that were hand-picked and not sold in the Dota 2 store.

Among the many different modes, it was decided to choose 2 “All Pick” and “Limited Hero” for description, the first one is classic, all heroes are available in it, the second for beginners with limited choice, only the simplest. The first fight in Limited Hiro was disastrously completed. Since the players do not bear the penalty for leaving the battle, as soon as our team began to win, the opponents immediately left the game. In this mode, there is no penalty when you leave the match. No interest, you can only learn how to finish creeps.

After training, you can understand some useful things. For example: gold is given only if you achieve a hero or a creep, experience is dripping regardless of your actions, you only need to stand nearby at the time of the murder, at the beginning of the game you need to go online to get a level and some gold for the initial artifacts, only some heroes they don’t need a farm, most often they are support, they are content with the gold that is added every second;


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