Professionals Dota 2 beat the AI Elon musk

Professionals Dota 2 beat the AI Elon musk

Artificial intelligence is lost in the battle with people… so we felt his superiority and lost the war. During this year’s The International Dota 2, two teams of people competed with OpenAI Five — a team made up of bots OpenAI, a non-profit company founded by Elon Musk. While the bots fought well, and many predicted that they “will do” people, the reality was not so optimistic. Bots lost 2-0, despite the limitation of seven characters and things.

Both games lasted almost an hour. OpenAI started briskly and scored well in team fights. AI lightning react to changes in situations, like the emergence of invisible enemies. However, when it came to moving around the map and completing tasks, AI showed that in this area there is room to grow.

Although the rate of homicide in both games people spared of AI amount of gold, which better reflects the situation on the battlefield. Gold indicates how quickly a team can buy upgrades to increase your power. Gold can be obtained not only for murder, but for the attack of neutral units and permanent destruction purposes. In addition for the destruction of important heroes get more gold, while repeatedly killing the support is not as profitable.

Both teams paiN Gaming and Big God was able to notice this weakness of the AI. In addition, both teams intentionally staged situations in which the AI simply doesn’t know how to get out — he was not taught this. It was fun and funny. However, when the AI will get freedom from their organic creators and open the concept of retribution, the last laugh won’t we. Moreover, even defeat is a victory for AI. This is a lesson that the AI will remember and will never forget… unlike people.


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