Dota 2 backpack of greed opens three inventory slots

Dota 2 backpack of greed  opens three inventory slots

Patrez390 with reddit suggested adding an item called Backpack of Greed to Dota 2. With his purchase, the player will open three active slots for artifacts.

Dota 2 backpack of greed cost of the item is 4 thousand gold. Its use imposes the Curse of Greed effect (“Curse of greed”) on the owner, with which the player will not be able to use the ransom even with the required amount of gold.

On Twitter, this subject was discussed by commentator Roman CaspeRRR Lepyokhin and professional player Egor Ark Zhabotinsky. The latter believes that “if we take into account the absence of six seconds [of the fine with the transfer of objects], then this will be too imbalanced. Heroes will farm 999,999 slots, and games will not end. ” Full discussion can be read here.

On October 31, a Valve spokesman announced that The Outlanders will release a major update after the first major of the season, which runs November 16-24 in China. Dota 2 will add two new heroes – Void Spirit and Snapfire – as well as, most likely, new items.


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