Now we will extinguish them all – Solo taught Ivan Urgant to play Dota 2

Now we will extinguish them all – Solo taught Ivan Urgant to play Dota 2

In the night of October 9, the program “Evening Urgant” showed a story about how Alexey Solo Berezin taught the host of the show to play Dota 2. Ivan Urgant trained at Pudge and Leshrac, and also talked with teammates.

On the advice of Solo, the artist took the nickname “Vanya Pooja” and met several Dota 2 characters. Urgant was especially impressed by the prices for cosmetic items in the game – he drew attention to the Dark Artistry set for Invoker, which sold for 22 thousand rubles.

For training with bots, Solo chose the appropriate character for WANI PUJ. Urgant learned basic mechanics and tried using the Meat Hook – he even managed to pull the Witch Doctor.

– I propose to start acquaintance with the game with Pudge.

“Ah, that’s who you chose for me.” So you see me like that? Thank you so much.

After that, they decided to play matchmaking. Even before the meeting, Urgant talked with teammates and sent greetings to the friends of one of his companions: “Especially for all the Kent in the Balashikha region, brotherly, hello to you.

After the first death, the host handed over control to Berezin, and he himself engaged in communication with the team and raising morale: “No one is strong there, now we will extinguish them all!” Urgant later asked Solo to rate his skills in Dota 2 and boasted of results in an arcade naval battle.

– Lesh, what do you say?

“You have great potential.”

In the end, Ivan Urgant wished all e-sportsmen victories in their “difficult and incomprehensible business”. The presenter completed the segment with the slogan “Gankaite for Russia!”


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