Team Aster unveils new Dota 2 roster

Team Aster unveils new Dota 2 roster

Former Vici Gaming captain Pan Fade Yu transferred to Team Aster after the expiration of the contract with the previous team. The organization also named three players who would retain seats in the roster.

The task of your five is to destroy all the guns, reach the center of the enemy base and break it. Then the game is won, but it’s easier said than done. It is very difficult to explain what DotA is and how to play it, it’s better to go into the game and try to play, even if you don’t have to bother with the bots right away, they are nervous there and often use profanity.

Let’s start with the tracks. Easy – For each side it is different. For light, this is the bottom or right. For darkness, this is the top or left. Why is it called easy? It is believed that it’s easier to swing there, because creeps often hit your gun and you can make bends, but more on that later. 2 players sometimes even 3 go to this track. Well, everything is clear, these heroes are really tough nuts, they have a lot of HP, armor and magic protection. They are able to endure enemy attacks for a long time, in order to give time to an ally to attack or protect weak heroes when moving away, rushing to a crowd of enemies.


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