FCC added Dota 2 discipline to school competitions

FCC added Dota 2 discipline to school competitions

The Federation of Computer Sports announced that in the second season of the All-Russian Intellectual and e-Sports League among school teams, tournaments in Dota 2, Hearthstone, electronic chess and Internet search for a while will be held. Competitions will be held with the support of the Russian Chess .

Oddly enough this may sound, but Dota 2 does not contribute anything new to the gameplay. No new heroes, no new features, no new map. All changes relate to graphics, ratings, selection of players and other near-gaming utilities. Connoisseurs of the original will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of the same characters, the same skills and the same principles of the game as in the original. And the quality of the game and the social component is brought to a whole new level.

DOTA 2 gameplay The gameplay is practically no different from the mod itself, that is, each battle is built on the destruction of the enemy’s base located at the opposite end of the map, and at the same time you need to defend your base. Each line is accompanied by computer-controlled creeps. When choosing a character in the game, you will need to coordinate your choice with the team, take a line that is convenient for you. As I wrote before, only 4 lines of initial development. For each line, you need to choose the right characters according to their class and specialization, there are 4 main roles in the game:


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