Lil criticized commentators: 90% of broadcasts have to be watched with the sound off

Lil criticized commentators: 90% of broadcasts have to be watched with the sound off

Winstrike Team player Ilya Lil Ilyyuk criticized some Dota 2 commentators. According to him, casters need to follow their own noses and develop individually. He also believes that thanks to professional players, commentators have work. Ilyyuk published his thoughts on Telegram.

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Ilya Lil Ilyyuk:

“About the commentators.

Snickering. Not all of course, but some individuals completely beguiled the coast.

You sit like this for 10+ hours at the computer every day for 10+ years to achieve something in your e-sports career, and then IT comes, absolutely incompetent, which made an absolute ZERO to be where it is, on whose absolutely any person could turn out to be the place, and begins to express his dissatisfaction and thoughts about the level of play of pro-players. And not one of them is embarrassed that, solely due to the existence of people like us, commentators generally have work. It would be better to monitor your nose and try to somehow develop individually, it would be time already. Because 90% of the broadcasts have to be watched with the sound turned off, and I know that there are many of us.

P.S .: This text does not apply to all commentators. Among this unprofessional herd there are guys who really work on themselves and noticeably become engrossed over time. For example, the same Bafik does exercises for the vocal cords and diction before each broadcast.

P.P.S: For all those who have something there specifically about my intermediate results, maybe it’s time to remember that DotA is a team game and any result is the result of a team, not a specific person? ”

Winstrike failed to qualify for the MDL Chengdu Major. In 1/8 open qualification, the team lost to Unique. After the defeat, Lil wrote that “now there is no team, no mix.” 


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