Heroes of the Storm fan shared his impressions of the game in Dota 2

Heroes of the Storm fan  shared his impressions of the game in Dota 2

the Former player in Heroes of the Storm has told about the impressions after the transition to Dota 2. He decided to change the discipline after the Blizzard stopped support eSports MOBA.

the subject on reddit, he wrote that I looked on YouTube a few guides on “DotA” and the first games in matchmaking chose a simple heroes — Luna and Dark Willow. To the surprise of the player, during the match he did not notice aggression teammates, which is often spoken in the community.

“Everyone was very kind to me. Obviously, I barely understood what was happening on the map, but everyone was patient. My jungler and mid-laner are constantly told what to do, so I don’t feel alone. I played 12 games and never ran into me when I Fidel. I remember my first game in League of Legends, it cannot even be compared”.

the Player Heroes of the Storm also listed the things he enjoyed most in Dota 2:

  1. All the characters available at once (it’s crazy!).
  2. Very good graphics.
  3. Amazing map! This is the best map out of all the MOBA’s that I’ve seen. It is not limited by the lines of motion it has lots of trees and space between them to romiti. She’s really more like a map, not on the football field, as in other games.
  4. the courier System is simply brilliant.
  5. Access to guides and builds of other players right in the match.
  6. Turbo Mode.
  7. Best system Varginha.
  8. Very good and easy to use interface.
  9. I can turn the camera and select different camera angles (actually, I only do it on the road for the line to admire the surroundings).
  10. !

At the end of the post, he apologized for his weak play in front of teammates in matchmaking, and promised to practice more. In the future he plans to develop Dark Willow and Witch Doctor.

Dec 13, Blizzard Entertainment announced to fans that he will no longer provide a regional League Heroes Global Championship, as well as student championship of the Heroes of the Dorm. According to Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, HotS was the least successful of the games Studio.


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