Combat pass Dota 2 allows you to flag toxic players

Combat pass Dota 2 allows you to flag toxic players

this year’s Combat pass for Dota 2 contains pretty interesting feature — players who purchase a pass will be able to use experimental feature “Avoid player”.

Judging by the description of the function, after the match the winner of the pass will be the players he no longer wants to play, and the team at next games, they will not be in the team owner. However, to obtain such a function will have to buy the pass — it is the minimum price of $9.99.

However, some players who have bought the Combat pass was dissatisfied with the innovation. On said one of them, he said gamers, whom would not want to continue the game, but he still got his team in the next match. As noted by other users, the function only takes account of your choice, and does not guarantee the complete absence of those who you do not like.

Previously, Valve has registered a new trademark associated with video games — DOTA Underlords.


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