New hack Dota 2 allows crachit the game without losing rank

New hack Dota 2 allows crachit the game without losing rank

Who would have thought that the players of Dota 2 can not play by the rules? According to the latest reports, recently, some players of MOBA started to use hacks with serious consequences. For example, one of them allows crachit the game server and create a deafening noise.

Publishing Dot Esports reports that in recent Dota 2 hacks with strange consequences. For example, an employee of Stratz, collecting statistics on Dota 2, published post on sound hacks, which are gaining popularity.

hack works elementary — when someone buys a specific item, then run script that generates incredibly loud sound in the game. Last week it was recorded that this method generates about 700 thousand in-game events, whereas the average value of only 50. On Monday, this hack is used more than 50 players.

Another exploit that is associated with a shield of Medusa leads to the departure of all players from the server by unplugging them from the match. In the video below you can see the process.


it is not clear how widespread the use of this method, which krašit game, it does not affect the rank of the player. If you find that Dota 2 was to fly in the middle of macta, it can be connected just with this exploit.


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