Qualification dates for Dota Pro Circuit tournaments became known.

Qualification dates for Dota Pro Circuit tournaments became known.

Valve has announced the dates for all qualifications for the Dota Pro Circuit Tournaments. The first general qualifiers for majors and minors will be held from September 30 to October 5.

Arcana – this is considered one of the most prestigious types of rarity, mainly released specifically for any one character, once every half a year. They will completely change the visual part of the character, as well as all his talents and animations. Ancient – in connection with the latest updates, this is considered the highest type of rarity, things of this class can be obtained only at some temporary events. Battle Pass DOTA 2 An interesting system of rewards and missions, for which you need to bear a separate fee.

Having bought Battle Pass for yourself, you provide yourself with replenishing your inventory with all kinds of goodies like: couriers, voiceovers, animation changes, voice commands, emoticons in the game and the most interesting limited things. In total there are 1000 levels in it, to increase the level you need to complete tasks and play the game itself. Also, you get a role-locked feature for ordinary players. You indicate your position in the game, you will immediately find a team that will not argue for a place at the Foreign Ministry, but immediately serious about winning.


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