Gambit Dota 2 GG Bet Bet Hamburg Invitational

Gambit Dota 2 GG Bet Bet Hamburg Invitational

Esports organization Gambit Esports has announced a Dota 2 roster that will perform at the GG Bet Hamburg Invitational. This became known from the official page of the VKontakte club.

In addition, heroes can disperse throughout the territory and fight with neutral monsters. Experience (and a certain amount of game currency) can be earned by destroying enemy buildings, killing enemy heroes and creeps or computer-controlled creeps. The stronger the creep, the greater the reward. The higher the level of the player, the stronger the damage they cause, the more he receives health, protection and mana.

During the game, the hero accumulates experience, develops abilities, hones skills, which raises the level of the player. And therefore, it is quite natural that, thanks to their gaming knowledge and acquired skills, experienced players significantly dominate newcomers. Earning improvements, the hero can get an extensive number of additional features. For example, to combine collected objects into artifacts that have great strength and power. Such artifacts bring the player thousands of health points, as well as give him the ability to deliver super-powerful attacks that destroy the enemy.


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