Dota 2 released patch 7.22h

Dota 2 released patch 7.22h

On the night of September 30, Valve released patch 7.22h for Dota 2. In it, developers weakened Night Stalker and Kunkka, reduced experience for units in the forest, and also weakened some items.

If the enemy’s creep dies, then all allied heroes in a certain radius gain experience. Experience from the death of neutral forest creeps is shared among all the heroes in the radius. Gold for killing a creep gets the hero who delivered him the last hit (Last Hit). The reward for killing an enemy hero is distributed somewhat differently. The hero who inflicted the last blow gets most of the gold, those who helped in the murder a little less, as well as a very small part to those who simply ended up in a certain radius from the murder. The killed hero loses part of his money and for some time does not participate in the battle.

And here the most important question arises! Why all this pumping, gold, objects, heroes, artifacts? The answer lies in the name of the game. Defense of the Ancients or as they are called by the Russian-speaking community – Tronov. The team that broke the Throne of the enemy becomes the winner. The thrones are located at the bases of the teams, protected by four rows of towers and creep waves appearing every thirty seconds from each side. The main characters are the heroes.


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