The audience of The International 2018 is not impressed by technical problems

The audience of The International 2018 is not impressed by technical problems

this week launched the largest eSports event of the summer — The International 2018. If you read only Shazoo, I would not notice (well, no one in Vancouver doesn’t carry it — Valve is a hint). Those who live in the competitive scene and illuminates it, can tell you a lot about how Gabe Newell spends the Dota 2 tournament. However, even to us sometimes comes something interesting.

So, the first day of TI 2018 — August 15, the spectators were treated to a series of technical problems which did not allow to fully enjoy what is happening. Valve apologized for the disabled stream, justified by constraints in the encoding stream and network hardware problems in the mains. Before that the stream was full of sound problems.

in Short, the start was not particularly successful.


Saved only by the fact that this was the group stage, and then simultaneously runs multiple matches. Also in this year, Valve holds TI in Vancouver, not Seattle. Despite this, fans are not impressed. Especially considering the fact which a huge amount of money Valve earns, pursuing the event.

let me Remind you that Valve funded prize pool itself — The Internatioanl this year received only 1.6 million in prize money from Valve. Themselves gamers, buying the “gaps” and spending real money on different things, bring a great portion of the prize pool — this year it amounted to $ 24 million.

However gaming $ 22 million — not a pure sponsorship of gamers. It is only 25% of what Valve earns money on everything that is connected with The International. In other words, when 22.8 million in prize money Valve earned 68 purely for themselves.

just for this reason, fans believe that the problem with air is unacceptable. Nobody cares what difficulties we have to deal Valve, when the company gets almost $ 70 million to host the tournament.

Some viewers joke that can send your router to Canada to help with Valve equipment. Others offer to bribe a peace of mind 10 free levels in combat pass.

And everything is the fault solely of the most Valve. Fans of Dota 2 can be anything, from happy and positive to toxic and generally nasty, but when a company through microtransactions collects tens of millions of dollars for the tournament, it creates maybe too high, but fair expectations.

the rest of The International 2018 as usual.


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