Dota 2 released patch 7.22g

Dota 2 released patch 7.22g

Valve released the 7.22g update, the first patch after The International. Some favorites of professional players such as Alchemist and Tiny were nerfed, and some heroes received reinforcement.

The initiator is an opportunity to either inflict massive damage or stun everyone. They break into the crowd of enemies, thereby provoking a fight. In addition to the lines along which the creeps go on the map, there are 2 forests on each side, respectively, there are creeps there, they are more powerful than ordinary ones, ordinary heroes will not cope with them to a certain level. But the foresters’ heroes can farm the forest from the first levels at the expense of their abilities. Such heroes can usually summon creatures to take damage and fight for them or tame already standing forest ones for the same purpose. There are also those who have the ability of vampirism, they are treated by their attack, it helps to kill strong creeps

Along all lines there are towers protecting the Throne. If they are not destroyed, the main building will remain invulnerable. They cause a lot of damage and have a huge reserve of lives, it is difficult for ordinary heroes to cope with them in the middle and initial stages of the game. The pusher has abilities that help to quickly destroy creeps and demolish towers. If there are no allied creeps near the enemy towers, they are invulnerable.


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