Cloud9 plans to return to Dota 2

Cloud9 plans to return to Dota 2

Cloud9 may revive Dota 2 roster for Dota Pro Circuit 2019/2020. The club’s CEO Jack Etienne said this in an interview with e-sports analyst and columnist Christopher MonteCristo Michaels.

You can ask for the support of your allies from other lines. Initially, you should not forget that the game is a team game and you should not rely only on your abilities. Try to always help your comrades, sometimes to make concessions and compromise, in DotA not the most friendly community, it is a fact. Skins DOTA 2 Clothes in DotA 2 play a very large and important role for players. When defeating the enemy, there is a chance that you will get some kind of equipment.

Things fall completely randomly and rarity is basically not of the best quality. Things themselves are divided into several types of rarities: Uncommon Common Rare – all these things are not very rare, if only units. Mythical Legendary Immortal – starting from this rarity level, things are already unique and with some kind of visual change, perhaps this is a visual change in the character or his talent.


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