Introduces New Dota 2 Team Introduces New Dota 2 Team named the Dota 2 roster, which will play on qualifications for MDL Chengdu Major. Together with Alexei Solo Berezin and Vladimir No [o] ne Minenko, Roman Resolut1on Fominok and Yegor epileptick1d Grigorenko, who previously played for UNITED with Ilya ALOHADANCE Korobkin, will perform.

Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan left the team, and the name of the new support will be announced before the qualifiers. Epileptick1d joined as a standin – after qualification, his place in the team can be redefined.

Vladimir No [o] ne Minenko in the new roster will continue to perform on the central line, the place of Roman RAMZEs Kushnaryov will be replaced by epileptick1d, and the team’s offline player will be Resolut1on. The club’s coach was Anatoly Boo1k Ivanov, who joined VP before the start of The International 2019 and helped players with match parsing.

Regional qualifiers for MDL Chengdu Major will be held October 5-10. Some teams will go straight to the closed qualification stage – the invite owners will be announced after registration on the Valve website is completed. Her deadline is September 28th.


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