DOTA Summit 10: Preview Tournament starts July 25, 2019

DOTA Summit 10: Preview Tournament starts July 25, 2019

Today one of the funniest Dota 2 tournaments starts – The Summit 10. All information about it is in our material. 

Discover the very first hero persona, a completely different visual and thematic style for a classic hero, available now for battle-pass owners who have reached at least level 305. With brand new models, animations and replicas, as well Placed for future personalization, this first persona refers to Invoker, the timeless mage, in his early years devoted to the study of the arcane arts. Any legend has a beginning, and the famous mage is no exception. 

Venue: Beyond the Summit Studio, Los Angeles.

Dates: from 25 to 28 July.

Centuries before being recognized as the most dangerous living magician, at a time he no longer remembers himself, the still teenager Invoker was the brilliant student of an old academy of witchcraft. After mastering the dangerous spells stolen from his director’s secret archive, the young Carl discovered ways to travel into the future and joined the battle of the Ancients well before his time.

Check out the Disciple of the Forgotten Arts update page to learn more, then jump into the lanes full of vigor and powerful magic.

Prize pool:

The total prize fund is unknown, at the last tournament of the series they raffled $ 100,000. For each winning card in the group stage, teams will add $ 1,000 to their total winnings.


All participants were placed in the same group. In the group stage, teams will play each with each in the best-of-2 format. The two best teams will go to the top grid, the other four – to the bottom.


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