Valve will encourage Dota 2 Smurf accounts with extra MMR points

Valve will encourage Dota 2 Smurf accounts with extra MMR points

On the night of September 27, Dota 2 developers added a test algorithm to matchmaking, which should help to quickly identify smurf accounts of strong players. If the system determines that the user performs much better than any other average player of his .

Late (Late game) – emphasis on characters or even one character who, when a critical mass is recruited, becomes virtually unstoppable. Domination or snowball is a strategy with an emphasis on winning all fights, thereby creating a permanent advantage for yourself. The role in Dota 2 determines the main style of the hero’s game in the team. The role is determined by the set of attributes and abilities of the hero.

All other things being equal to the peak (not only the stage of selection is called a peak, but also a ready-made set of heroes in this game) – this is at least a 50% victory. The remaining 50% team play level and personal abilities of individual players. And it is precisely the skillful and not very skillful implementation of the peak that creates sharp moments and bright unpredictable situations, for which many love Dota so much. Each game is essentially unique, although in many ways predictable already at the peak stage, but everything can always go wrong due to a competent game or mistakes. Among analysts there is even a formula: “The winner is the one who made the least mistakes.” And due to the variety of combinations of heroes and tactical maneuvers, there are enough opportunities to make mistakes.


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