Valve spoke about the changes in the rating system in Dota 2

Valve spoke about the changes in the rating system in Dota 2

During the selection of heroes and at the initial stage of the game, it became possible to complain about another player if he does not play his role. Valve is going to punish players who cheat the system much harder, using this information along with .

Roamer in the early stages of the game can instead of pumping on the line actively move around the map, suddenly appearing on different lines in order to kill enemy heroes. Offlaner or Hard-Line – are able to stand alone on a complex line (for the side of the World (Radiant) – the top line, for the side of Darkness (Dire) – the bottom). Such heroes can calmly stand on such lines alone, earning quick experience.

Now you are ready to “Stoke for ours on Int!”. At least you understand about Dota 2 more than before reading this article. Happy viewing! GL HF. Dota 2 is a real-time strategy multiplayer game with role-playing elements. It is a continuation of the world famous mod DotA (“Defense of the Ancients” – Defense of the Ancients) for the game Warcraft III. The mod is so popular that in the gaming industry a new genre has appeared – Action-RTS, with a large number of “clones”, both successful and not.


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