Valve Introduces New Dota 2 Phone Binding Rule

Valve Introduces New Dota 2 Phone Binding Rule

Users should now bind to Dota 2 the phone number they use for Steam. The update came out on the night of September 24th.

An important tactical aspect that you need to know about is the placement of heroes along the lines. The arrangement depends on the heroes chosen by the team, based on which heroes the opponent chose and the team’s overall strategy. Most often in professional games there is a 1-1-3 arrangement (one hero on a complex line, one in the center and three on the light line). Option 2-1-2 is also very common. In rare cases, you may find a 1-2-2 set up.

In total, in Dota 2 one hundred and thirteen heroes. It is not possible for a beginner to remember them all. But it’s when viewing the game that there is a chance to quickly get acquainted with some of them. At the peak stage, while teams select heroes, it is possible to quickly find a hero in Google by his name. The name is large enough to be seen and it is impossible not to notice it.


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