Parimatch League. defeated HellRaisers

Parimatch League. defeated HellRaisers

Dota 2 roster defeated HellRaisers during the final group stage match of the Parimatch League. The meeting ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the “bears”.

Mr. Ice Toad can even afford to spread caviar on a sandwich, thanks to the active market for items for heroes. There were a little more than a hundred characters at the time of creating the review, but the list is not yet complete: Miner, Arkvander, Terrorblade, Phoenix and the Legion Commander still did not smell, and still do not smell. But the available characters, however, by no means all, can boast of various sets of uniforms. Details of the toilet, which are collected in sets, and which are exclusively aesthetic in nature, are given to fighters at the end of the match at random.

At the time of the beta test, things were the same, and fans of a fashionable wardrobe can sleep peacefully – all the items earned remained on the account, just like the statistics of this account itself. The tycoons, who made a fortune by selling copies of the game, which were often given to active beta players, were a little less fortunate: the greedy Valve took away all the non-gifted gifs. And what’s the point now if DOTA 2 is free?


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