New hero Snapfire added to the game client

New hero Snapfire added to the game client

In the update of The Outlanders, which was released today November 26, 2019, a new hero was added – Snapfire. Her ranged attack, and the main attribute is strength.

Great attention is paid to the heroes. Actually, a large selection of characters is an integral property of the whole genre as a whole. In Dota 2, at the time of writing, more than a hundred heroes are available, and they are really different. The game is even a bit like a comic, in the sense that the two fighting teams are very similar to superhero squads like The Avengers or Justice League. They are also recruited from different fighters, each of whom has some own thematic superpowers: one is invisible until it goes on the attack, the other controls electricity, the third can teleport and destroy the enemy’s mana supply. The game gives you the opportunity to use any battle style you can think of.

If you still lack some ability, most likely in game stores you can find an item that will endow it with a hero. The assortment of clothes and weapons is also extremely rich. In addition to passive bonuses, many things also have active abilities that expand the arsenal of heroes, giving them immunity to magic for a while, allowing you to turn enemies into harmless hens and do many other wonderful things.


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