MDL Chengdu Major. First day results

MDL Chengdu Major. First day results

The first day of the group stage of the MDL Chengdu Major in Dota 2 ended, which means it is time to take the intermediate results of the championship. For Gambit Esports, representing the CIS, today was not very successful, because the team lost to J.Storm with the score .

On New Year’s holidays, developers have introduced a new mode in which players could turn into monsters (“grilling”) with random abilities. The game closely monitors your progress and encourages every time you do something outstanding. “Buff” – a positive effect on the hero. “Debuff” – accordingly, a negative effect.

Dota 2 is an incredibly deep game, in a sense, absolute. You will not find such variability in almost any other game, except perhaps direct competitors of the same genre. But they are few, and they are usually made much worse. Only the most famous opponent, League of Legends, can truly oppose Dota 2. Of course, LoL is a great game, but Dota 2 is still more modern, there is a clear training mode and you do not need to buy heroes for a fee. However, the “LoL vs Dota 2” confrontation is a very complicated topic, and I would prefer to bypass it now.


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