Ivan Urgant and Solo played in Dota 2 on Channel One

Ivan Urgant and Solo played in Dota 2 on Channel One

After meeting with Hideo Kojima, TV presenter Ivan Urgant continued his exploration of new digital entertainment territories, playing this time in Dota 2. The captain of the e-sports team tried not to “merge mid” and not “feed” Urganu .

We could find very few flaws. Someone may disagree with us and count more, but so far the results are as follows: Your team may turn out to be an aggressive and unbalanced person who will interfere and give unflattering comments. This sometimes happens, so you need to be calm – it can be a streamer, which thus attracts people to its stream. There is a useful option for such personalities. It is called “mute”. This way you can drown out the microphone and messages of any player of your team. That is, you will not hear him and you will not see a message from him in the chat.

In any case, there are more pluses than minuses. This is confirmed by the number of active players, whose number exceeded 11 million people – this is a lot. And the championship broadcasts attract a huge number of eSports fans around the world, which gives an even greater influx of people into the project.


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