Insider: ArtStyle will return to

Insider: ArtStyle will return to

Ivan ArtStyle Antonov will return to the position of trainer in According to the telegram channel CYBERSLOVO, an “oral agreement” has been concluded between Antonov and the club and they are in the final stages of negotiations.

In addition, one of the innovations is the ability to receive in-game rewards. You can get them for creating a quality “guide” on the game, a description of interesting strategies, posting useful and constructive comments on the game. The goal of the battle in Dota 2 will remain the same compared to the modification. The two teams will try to destroy each other’s bases, destroying the heroes and creeps of the enemy, and at the same time destroying neutral monsters.

But some, although not so significant changes, nevertheless have a place to be. According to the developers, the battles will be more spectacular. In addition, each character will be drawn with special care so that the player can immediately recognize the hero and take appropriate action. For the same purpose, the general background, the forest will look somewhat inconspicuous.


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