Gambit Esports approved Dota 2 roster

Gambit Esports approved Dota 2 roster

Gambit Esports introduced the full Dota 2 roster. The organization approved a roster that was selected at ESL One Hamburg 2019, and also introduced a team coach.

Defense of the Ancients (Defense of the Ancients) – this is the name of the game. In it lies the essence of what is happening, about it a little later. Dota is a team tactical game with a capacious strategic component. The game involves two teams that fight on the same map. Each team has 5 players. Each player controls one of one hundred and thirteen (at the moment) heroes. During the course of the game, the heroes gain gold and experience.

With the accumulation of experience points, the level increases (in total more than 25) of the hero, and with the growth of the level the hero develops his abilities. For gold, special items (artifacts) are bought that improve the characteristics of the hero and give additional active and passive abilities. Heroes gain experience by destroying enemy creeps (called computer-controlled creatures by creeps), enemy heroes and by neutral creeps that live in the forest.


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