ESL One Hamburg 2019. Gambit Esports reached the final of the top bracket

ESL One Hamburg 2019. Gambit Esports reached the final of the top bracket

The Gambit Esports Dota 2 roster defeated Vici Gaming in the semi-finals of the ESL One Hamburg 2019 playoff top bracket. The match ended 2-0 in favor of the team of Artem Fng Barshak.

The next thing that catches your eye is objects, they are divided into simple and improved. Improved are combined from simple. Using items can make your hero very strong. Some give a lot of bonuses, all in all, the hero has 6 slots for artifacts, to fill them all with the most expensive professional players take about 40 minutes, in a regular game it can take 60-70 minutes depending on the hero and generally what happens on the map.

Different artifacts are collected depending on the type of hero and his role in the game, even the same hero can play different roles, it depends on who he is playing against. A variety of artifacts allows you to make of your character exactly who is not enough to win. Even in a creep scuffle, little is understood. We have already examined the classes; in addition, they differ in the main characteristic and type of attack. There are 3 main characteristics of Strength in the game – the number of hit points, as well as the speed of their recovery, depends on it. Dexterity – it affects the speed of attack, as well as the amount of physical protection, that is, armor.


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