Dota 2 released patch 7.23s

Dota 2 released patch 7.23s

On December 7, Valve released patch 7.23c for Dota 2. The developers made a number of balanced changes to the abilities of the characters, as well as changed artifacts and neutral items. The biggest changes touched Treant Protector, which changed part of the talents and .

If we talk about very little things, then the characteristics of some skills and artifacts changed, a couple of heroes were renamed. The number of the latter, by the way, is constantly increasing – Valve regularly replenishes the list with missing characters from the first part and even threatens to create new heroes.

Another great feature of the new “bunker” is the system for saving statistics. All your defeats and victories are subject to accounting, and matches are recorded, which allows you to analyze your own or someone else’s game, having studied the “replay”. Here you will find a very interesting camera mode that allows you to watch the match as it was on the player’s monitor. The fog of war, mouse movements is a very useful function for those who want to master such heroes as, for example, Mipo or Pooja.


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