Dota 2 Expires Battle Pass

Dota 2 Expires Battle Pass

Dota 2 players can no longer level up and receive rewards from the Battle Pass for The International 2019. The only content from the Skip that is still available is commentator phrases for the chat wheel .

Turning to Wikipedia, you can find out what the genre of the game is called MOBA. In simple words, this is a lot fire fighting arena. It’s completely incomprehensible right? So Dota 2 is essentially a whole universe in which the war has been going on for millions of years. What war do you ask? As always, “Good and Evil.” The essence of the game – you choose either the bright side or the dark. Green forests and beautiful forest dwellers, against scorched earth and evil demons. However, you can choose any regardless of the side, that is, playing for “Light”, you can take a dark demon, for example Leon, into your heroes.

And again the essence (there is a lot of it, because the game is very unusual and interesting) – Game 5 on 5. Each of the players selects one hero. You get into a limited map, which is divided in half by a river. From the throne there are 3 paths along which creeps run every 30 seconds (these are small warfare for the killing of which give experience and money). On each track there are three guns that need to be destroyed and reach the center of the enemy base. In Light this tree, in darkness I don’t even know what kind of well or mountain.


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