Why do people think Dota 2 is a MOBA dead from a pair of sweaty guys in a basement

Why do people think Dota 2 is a MOBA dead from a pair of sweaty guys in a basement

Comparing League of Legends and Dota 2, no doubt you can tell which of these MOBA games in the first place in terms of communication with the world. Their pompous tournaments, music videos, large-scale lighting, Riot Games has long proven that any day of the shut Valve for the belt, Yes, so deep that the company Gabe Newell should be ashamed. However, it’s not just PR for the world audience in General, but also communication with the community.

the other day a redditor under the name Neuromancerrr published in the Dota 2 subreddit post, with the provocative headline:

People think that Dota 2 is kind of dead MOBA niche supported by a pair of sweaty pigs in the basement, because that’s what Valve is the game world.

In a rather rude manner the gamer quite reasonably noted that the approach to communication with the Valve community is ridiculous and miserable. He believes that Valve’s time to abandon horizontal to your model and hire a serious of community managers.

In the opinion of the gamer, there’s no reason why Dota 2 tournaments can have prize pool of $ 100 million, if Valve was just showing that they care — however, the company does not even do that.

Among all the games, Fortnite will go down in history as the game with the largest prize pool in 2019, because Valve “playing the fool” somewhere in the basement. Prize pool Dota 2 will be a small paragraph on the page in Wikipedia, where no one will see it. And to blame only Valve.

as a plan of action, redditor Valve offers to engage in active communication in Dota 2 is to hire people to create a cool “chipofya video” animation and “devil lore”. Thus they will be able to show people that they care, but the game is alive and growing.

Dota 2 is my favorite game and I am tired of seeing how the gaming community, like Overwatch or bloody Fortnite constantly dabble of razrabotciki, at that time, as we literally spit again and again.

a Fan of Dota 2 has added that the game has one of the steepest curves settling in to master level, comparable to StarCraft 2. This makes MOBA worthy of attention, especially because the amount of potential creativity is truly incredible.

In comments to the post someone added that Valve has spent a huge amount on the mountain the voice associated with the tippet. The problem is that the Studio has Packed all this in a strange wrapper called Artifact.

Another fan of Dota 2 describe an ingenious Valve plans to support the game.
Genius plan by Valve:



  • plan a — doing nothing = more and more money every year.
  • the

  • Plan B Monetization cry from the chat wheel = the longer, the more money!
  • the

  • Remote Plan C-3 Hire more workers, do more advertising, to make expensive things for the community = the risk that the community will hate the plan, the risk of losing money, the risk that you get bored.
  • the

  • Super-secret Master Plan: Let the community does the job for free, easy money = easy life.

Someone rightly said, if it weren’t for Valve’s Steam, things would be very different. Because Valve and without making money, being the biggest digital store in the world, even if now they have a competitor.

you will Hear complaints from the community, Valve? Only if Gabe Newell realizes that his horizontal structure worked in the past decade, and now the conditions have changed. Now games are increasingly no longer be perceived, like “ikovskoe” entertainment. At the same time, Valve remains silent and is not willing to conduct active communication with the world.


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