Dota 2 developers say that Winter Wyvern is the mother of Jakiro

Dota 2 developers say that Winter Wyvern is the mother of Jakiro

Valve developer Steve Jaros has confirmed that Winter Wyvern is Jakiro’s mother. He also said that the studio did not consider options who could become the dragon’s father. Jaros noted that he likes the fan’s suggestion that they will.

Hex. This effect turns the hero or unit into an animal, prohibits the use of any abilities and objects and reduces the speed of movement to minimum values. Disables can be blocked or removed with special items and abilities of heroes. But there are also a number of abilities that cannot be blocked. Slow down. Everything is simple and obvious, to slow down means to reduce the speed of movement. Comments are redundant.

Push, pull and move. These abilities are as obvious as moderation. It is worth noting only that there are several heroes with unique mechanics tied to the screed and moving. We will not dwell on these individual abilities within the framework of this article. Each hero usually combines several of these features / functions. Below is a list of them. Remembering it is not necessary. Rather, in order to understand the concept of game mechanics of which this or that hero consists.


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