Dendi is not going to end his career in the next five years

Dendi is not going to end his career in the next five years

Ukrainian Dota 2 player Danil Dendi Ishutin said he would continue to play the role of professional gamer for another three to five years.

A desperate war continues with the “liveries”, “crayfish” and other animals of the family of brains. And it seems that a lot of defense lines were thought up: a decent system for selecting players based on statistics of previous matches, a system of complaints and recommendations, all kinds of chat bans – but the result is still very far from ideal. Of course, one cannot compare it with here it is extremely rare that a game ends prematurely because “the rats escaped from a sinking ship.”

There were more intense games with an unexpected outcome. But nevertheless, the system for selecting players constantly gives us sleepy, drunk, talking on the phone, downloading a movie in parallel with the game, or just frames that go to the Network from a madhouse. Moreover, one person can still spoil the game with nine, and there is no way to prevent this. Even if the team agrees to play four against five. Yes, educating people is not the duty of Dota 2 developers, but they will have to do it, because there is no good game without a good team.


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