Ceb: Esportsman's life can be inhumane

Ceb: Esportsman's life can be inhumane

Offlineer OG Sebastian Ceb Debs gave an interview to the main French sports magazine L’quipe, in which he spoke about the difficult life of the esportsman and the price of success. According to the Frenchman, the main disadvantages in a player’s career are constant flights and .

As for the card, it does not change, as in chess. By the way, this game can only be compared to chess, since the heroes do not change, and the battlefield remains the same, but people have been playing DotA for many years and everything can be invented in it exactly and do something special. This game can be played for free, for money you can only buy external changes, voice acting, the appearance of the game panel, the hero’s clothes, loading screens, cursor sets, music in the game and so on. All this does not affect the gameplay in any way, which means that investing money in a game on the battlefield does not have an advantage over an ordinary player.

In short, the essence of the game is to collect the necessary artifacts and set the level, which begins each time at the beginning of the match. Whoever collects artifacts faster and picks up a level dominates the map. However, the choice of heroes, the style of the game, tactics and much more are of great importance. It happens that a richer and more developed team loses due to a lack of interaction.


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