Dota Auto Chess plays for 4 million gamers

Dota Auto Chess plays for 4 million gamers

while the Artifact continues to lose players, custom mod-mode Dota Auto Chess for Dota 2 continues to grow in strength. Its audience has already exceeded four million subscribers, and the number of simultaneously active players is more than 100 thousand.

Despite the name, Dota Auto Chess is not supported and MOBA Board game. To get acquainted with the rules and particularities of this game in the past the material — knowledge of Dota 2 is recommended, but not necessarily as a mode corresponds to a turn-based strategy.

Dota Auto Chess is a serious project, including the pumping system, relying on existing characters and require balancing resources and also to consider the activity of opponents. Despite all the complexity at the peak in the DAC was playing at the same time more than 300 thousand people.


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