will perform at the Grand Final of the Parimatch League will perform at the Grand Final of the Parimatch League

HellRaisers defeated jfshfh178 in the bottom bracket final. The match ended with a score of 1: 2. Thus, the team of Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov got the right to speak at the grand final of the Parimatch League, where he will meet with The meeting is scheduled for 15:00 Moscow time, November 30.

So, first of all, Dota is Action RTS (real time strategy), and only then RPG (role playing game). The Action genre is key here, as the events in the game unfold with great speed. The first half of the game you can drag the whole team, you can collect the main slots for the hero, in one word – to be the best on the map. And then, in just a few minutes, you can lose all the advantage, those whom you killed with one prokast kill you. Why? You ask. Because in the game “Stone, scissors, paper” cipher, each hero can be sharpened for a different style of play. It all depends on the situation.

Dota 2 is also a team game, no, of course you are able to run alone and kill half-dead enemies by attacking them from an inviz, as Nyx Assassin or Bounty Hunter can do. But it’s better to play as a team, as you gain experience and gold not only you, but also your teammates, gradually increasing superiority over opponents. Regarding graphics and sound? Everything is at the highest level. Various graphic and sound effects add an amazing atmosphere to the game. Everything around blinks


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