TNC Predator becomes ESL One Hamburg 2019 Champion

TNC Predator becomes ESL One Hamburg 2019 Champion

Gambit Esports lost to TNC Predator in the ESL One Hamburg 2019 Grand Final. The decisive match of the championship ended with a score of 3: 2.

Along all lines there are towers protecting the Throne. If they are not destroyed, the main building will remain invulnerable. They cause a lot of damage and have a huge reserve of lives, it is difficult for ordinary heroes to cope with them in the middle and initial stages of the game. The pusher has abilities that help to quickly destroy creeps and demolish towers. If there are no allied creeps near the enemy towers, they are invulnerable.

“Tron” is the main building on the basis of the teams, in order to win you need to destroy it. To do this, you gradually need to destroy the towers of the enemy, only then it will be possible to demolish it. Representatives of this class have powerful spells, and it’s not very effective to beat them with your hands. This role is especially due to the fact that these spells do great damage.


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