Scary Rubick – Treasure of Unbound Majesty treasure trove review

Scary Rubick – Treasure of Unbound Majesty treasure trove review

On the night of January 24, the New Bloom Festival kicked off in Dota 2 in honor of the Chinese New Year. Together with him, the Treasure of Unbound Majesty treasury went on sale, which included 12 thematic sets .

Dota 2 looks like a fairly simple game from the outside, but in fact the player in it must have a whole range of different skills and do hard work in order to become a master. At the same time, you can greatly simplify your task if you understand in advance what exactly to improve in your game to achieve the desired results instead of constantly making mistakes. The easiest way to understand the basics is to study the guides for DotA 2.

Learn places for wards. The overwhelming majority of support services on a low rating do not give wards proper attention, concentrating mainly on their items, and even if they are bought, they are placed mainly at points specially designed for this or on guides, although in fact there are a fairly large number of positions, which wards will be much more useful. In particular, we discussed this topic in our other guide for Dota 2, dedicated to warding.


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