RAMZEs Joins Evil Geniuses

RAMZEs Joins Evil Geniuses

Kerry of Virtus.pro roster on Dota 2 Roman RAMZEs Kushnaryov left the team and joined Evil Geniuses. The corresponding announcement appeared on the official website of the North American organization.

Each player can control only one unit or, in other words, his hero. As the game progresses, the hero gains experience, thereby increasing his level. He can also earn gold. Besides the fact that he regularly receives in small quantities from his base, he can mine gold by killing opponents.

Killing heroes brings significantly more gold than destroying an enemy creep. In addition, the hero can collect and buy various items that affect his strength and development, as well as provide additional benefits. During the game, you have to fight not only with the opposing side, but also fight off regular computer-controlled creep attacks . The main task – holding the defense of our own base, to destroy the main building of the base of the enemy side.


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