Post-match polls appear in Dota 2

Post-match polls appear in Dota 2

In the nightly patch for Dota 2, Valve added post-match polls to the game and returned new search parameters for the game, which were rolled back over the weekend.

If communication with our smaller brother can be avoided, then at another annoying moment you will not be able to close your eyes. Technical implementation. Dota still turns the game into hell on some PC configurations and still plays pranks with connecting to the server on any PC configurations. No, no, but the capricious MOBA will require a restart of the game or even the Steam client. It is unlikely to be called outstanding optimization, but so far this has not been a stumbling block to the alluring confrontation. The promised capabilities of the mentoring system and connecting a fresh player instead of a deserter were never realized at the exit of the project.

Let’s be honest: with the exception of a technical flaw, DOTA 2 is a reference game. Not much, not much, but the MOBA arena in the form in which it should be. The custom map for Warcraft through the efforts of Valve has become a model project: easy to master, but hard to quit. Focusing on your successes, the system tries to choose the best opponents, and the match search time rarely reaches even five minutes. The appearance of many characters is pleasing to the eye, and the implementation of the world thanks to the Source engine only echoes visual pleasure.


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