Winstrike Team transferred team players to the reserve

Winstrike Team transferred team players to the reserve

Representatives of the Winstrike Team announced rearrangements within the organization’s roster for Dota 2. Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzaeva, Alexander Nofear Churochkin and Ilya Lil Ilyyuk were transferred to the reserve, and Arseniy ArsZeeqq Usov became the new club coach.

The menu design is simple and intuitive, the management offers customization options that are suitable for any user, and there is simply nothing to add to the team interaction system: quick commands, voice chat, various marks on the map . A dynamic change of strategy and a change of tactics that is simply crazy in its tempo – kill or be killed. And every new battle is unique. Fans of Dota encounter some misunderstanding from friends: what did you find in this primitive game?

Imagine that the storyline is completely absent. Instead of spending many hours passing the plot, you immediately find yourself in the arena of the battle of the forces of good and evil. Just say that there is no fundamental difference between them, and the choice of side is carried out randomly. Much more important in this game is not the side you play for, and that hero who is under your control. That is why it is important to choose the right character. We will talk about how to do this a bit later.


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